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We use facial recognition software to scan candidates.

Vpply allows candidates to apply for jobs with a quick video and resume. Recording a video allows candidates to make an immediate personalized impression on potential employers through introducing themselves and sharing their experience, passion and strengths for the role.


Employers can easily screen candidates and ‘meet’ their future outstanding employee without so much as an interview.


Vpply uses proprietary video and voice recognition software and licensed facial recognition software to scan and rank candidates for clients allowing them to save time in their hiring process.


Vpply Benefits

We analyze evertyhing from voice tone, word choices, facial movement and experience of job applicants when they apply to find the best candidate for the role. 

A New Way to Apply

Forget the impersonal, generic cover letter. Vpply gives you an advantage over other candidates applying through traditional methods.

Resonate with Potential Employers

Video application allows your personality and passion to shine. Vpply gives you the best chance of connecting meaningful with the employer, and that means the best chance of landing the job.

Record or Upload Video

Pre-record your intro video or create one on the spot. You can reshoot as many times as you like.

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